Veg Momos is always looking for new content, so we always look for new writers as well. We’re not just another Bollywood website, not just another boring content site, not just another news feed. Veg Momos is innovative :p

Lets be frank. We don’t need stupid boring content !

We want you to write articles in a format called list style ( about which we’ll give a tutorial too later ). Though you are not restricted to this style, if you can create other articles in other styles.

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What you can write about ?

1) Stories about India and Indians.

2) Bollywood, hollywood and celebrities.

3) Internet, people, stories, facts.

4) Anything weird or viral.

What you are NOT allowed to write about ?

1) Adult sites, facts, people or anything related to adult stuff.

2) Thats it.

We will send you the ‘rules for writing’ after accepting your request as a writer on veg momos. Please read the rules carefully before writing.

What you earn from writing ?

Not just money, you earn the interest of 3 Million people every month. For every article you will write for veg momos, you will get paid a reward that depends on the quality of article and experience of the writer on Veg Momos. You get paid for 500+ words articles you write but no copied content will be appreciated here.

Basic Rate The 500 Milestone And then…
INR 25 per 100 words  INR 125 + 25 bonus* every 100 words +25 **

*upon reaching 500 words you will receive 25 Rs bonus.
**For articles longer than 500 words we calculate 150 as basic rate + 25 for every 100 words thereafter, eg. 800 words = INR 225.

If you think you can write for us keeping our style up, feel free to fill in your application below.

Veg Momos is waiting for you, so don’t hesitate and write for Veg Momos!

NOTE: We will NOT consider any application without a sample link or attachment of any previously published / written article/s.

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