On every Republic day, my heart swelled with pride when I saw smart women officers marching down as beautifully as men. Each woman marched with pride in her eyes and attitude in her rigid posture made each woman viewer proud. But this recent snippet of news has everyone worried.

According to the stats, in paramilitary forces, women constitute only 2%. But the shocking part is that women are accounted for 40 percent of suicide cases in paramilitary forces!!

In 2014, 175 people committed suicide and out of this, 73 were women. This is according to the data collected by NCRB and covers various paramilitary forces like CRPF, BSF, and CISF etc.

Out of 9.3 lakh people employed, there are only 18,000 women and these figures point towards the fact that suicide rate for women is 396.9% and just 11.2% for men. This clearly shows that women are facing more stress than men in these forces.

You might tell me that women are facing combat-related problems and therefore the high suicide cases, but next few lines will prove you wrong. Till now, no woman has been deployed into a combat position. CRPF sent a batch of women but till now they have not been in any part of operation, so this example clearly proves that this not ‘combat-related-stress-suicide-case’.

Women are accounted for 40 percent of suicide cases in paramilitary forces and the reason is societal pressure!!

The issues like non-settlement of marriage, dowry and extra-marital affairs are plaguing the peace of mind of these women officers and they see no alternative other than killing oneself. Most of these female suicide cases happen in four states – Telegana, Jammu&Kashmir, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh.

Forces claim that societal pressure is also a major factor in this case as women are under pressure to get married, which makes it difficult for them to work. There is a kernel of truth in this matter as women are always pressurized to get married and have kids. Like it is said when you are confused between option A and option B, choose option C; these women did the same, they choose option C – Death.

When will people understand that human species called women was not created to get married and have kids. They have their own dreams and aims. Just because some unreasonable societal pressures, women account for 40 percent of suicide cases in paramilitary forces. This clearly shows that there is a long way to go to achieve equality between women and men.

I humbly request all parents to allow their daughters to achieve their dreams and goals. Allow them to fly high because they have equal rights to live their lives on their terms as men. It is better to see them alive and happy than seeing them go six inches under the ground!!

allow women to fly high!! (Women are accounted for 40 percent of suicide cases)


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