Basically there are two types of people in this world – in every possible field. Talking about food habits, some are pure vegetarian and some are non-vegetarian, while others are non vegetarians except on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

You are smart if you know what I mean, LOL!

Moving forward, here are some illustrations that represent the two types of people in the office; some are cool and some are the intellectual types. Watch these illustrations and let us know which category you fall in.

During the meal time, while there are people who order simple snacks, there is a majority going for pizzas and burgers. So which one are you?

Well I love pizza and my preference would be an extra cheese pizza with a soft drink, and any IND vs. PAK cricket match streaming live on the television.

two types of people

Pizza VS Burger

Yeah it’s the refreshment time! Finally a good time to relax and think about my loved ones. Wow, she is amazing! To look cool what should I prefer in front of her? Reason could be anything. So here again there are two types of people; check out the image below and decide which one should you go for.

two types of people

Tea VS Cigarette

Oh my laptop and folders, what should I carry them in? A funky looking bag or an office bag? Obviously I would choose an office bag. LOL, I am kidding, I would choose only and only funky bags. After all, its “Sadda Sexy Raho Ji” era. *Wink emoticon*

two types of people


Argh! My colleagues are so annoying, let me put my headphones on. I am single and forever alone, so why should I listen to the love talks going around here? Putting on headphones will surely build some concentration. But there are actually two types of people – those who put the headphones on and those who do not. Reasons vary and so do people. So which type are you?

two types of people

Headphones VS No Headphones

Let me check her profile picture on Facebook, or should I be preparing for my PowerPoint presentation? Oh I am confused. No, really I am confused, please suggest me what should I do? By the way which one is you? The one who prepares for a PowerPoint presentation, or the one who browses the Facebook using proxies? I promise to keep it a secret!

two types of people

Facebook VS PowerPoint

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