Many creative minds have found their place in our family aka the Veg Momos Team.

Devesh Chauhan
Founder & CEO
Devesh dropped out of college in the 2nd year of Computer Engineering as he lost interest in his studies and wanted to start working on his own. His interest has always been Social Media and Networking, connecting people to people, provide a chance to the youth to do something great. He’s a talented speaker and a quick learner, multitasking expert. He’s ever busy in taking the company a step further, pouring out new ideas and fixing any problem with ease. In his spare time, he’s an addicted gamer as well as a traveler.
Vrindavani is also a drop out, double drop out to be exact. She dropped out of Music School (Italy) in 10th, and after several years decided to go for a Computer Science apprenticeship in her country, Austria. However, after 2 years of apprenticeship she also got bored of studies and found Devesh as a business partner. She loves designing, so she implemented her talent on Veg Momos. Apart from her internet addiction, she's a well versed Bharatanatyam dancer and a passionate writer. Another great talent is languages as she masters 6 of them: German and Italian as mother tongue, English, Croatian, Spanish and Hindi.
Richa Dwivedi
Content Manager & Writer
Richa is a management graduate and had 5 years of work experience, when she joined us as a part-time content writer. She has a flair for writing and loves researching on various subjects. She was into corporate communications profile earlier and took a sabbatical to give time to her little son. She started working as a freelancer with Veg Momos to satisfy her creative urges, but her writing skills soon fetched her a full time writer and content manager role in Veg Momos. She loves travelling, reading, and of course writing. She is ever eager to gain knowledge and that is what makes her a determined writer.
Nirmaljeet Singh
Project Manager - Publisher Network
Nirmaljeet is a Sr. Software Engineer and CEO of Gauritek Software Solutions (Regd.). After completed M.Sc(IT), he joined some training institutes and learnt programming languages. Then he started as a web developer in Chandigarh and worked 4-5 years in different IT companies. Finally he started work as a freelancer on oDesk and established his own IT Company. He did lot of IT sector projects and built relationships with foreign clients. He joined Veg Momos in August 2014 and has developed the entire Publisher platform. He loves working with us and we won't let him go either.
Gagan Upadhyay
Publisher Support Manager
Gagan is a 3rd year Civil Engineering student. He joined Veg Momos since the time it was founded, assuming different roles over time. Currently he works as Manager for the Publisher section. His hobbies comprise badminton, music, football and Social Media. He loves putting his hands on ever new things, as he enjoys learning.
Karandeep Singh
Sub-Editor - Creative Content Writer
Vlogger, TechGeek and Foodie are the three words that define Karandeep perfectly. A movie buff at heart, he can spend hours hanging out with friends without even looking at the timer. The other thing that he's obsessed with is games. And of course he's an addicted writer.
Surbhita Gupta
Creative Content Writer
Surbhita is a senior Media Journalist, currently pursuing PhD in Journalism. She worked in the news industry for about 9 years in almost all the verticles. She's a pure feminist at heart and feels that words are the weapon which shoot straight to heart and under the belt.
Arkadeep Deb
Creative Content Writer
Arkadeep is a Computer Science Engineer and writes freelance for multiple houses, varying from satire, technical to gaming reviews, music & concert reviews and photography etc. He's an avid English football fan, animal welfare enthusiast and manages a band and plays and composes on the guitar in his free time.
Reshmi Nair
Creative Content Writer
Reshmi is a mechanical engineer who has done her post graduation in Broadcast Journalism. A writer at heart, she has pursued writing right from childhood and she enjoys writing poems, articles, blogs and posts. Her love for writing has brought her to Vegmomos.
Kemmy Jose
Creative Content Writer
Kemmy is a Mechanical Engineer by Degree and Blogger by profession. His passion for writing began when he won a short story writing competition in 5th grade. He runs The Wheels and Chips Journal and writes for many publishers. His hobbies include road trips, spending time with aquariums and other pets, or watching movies. Loves cars, technology, animals and humanity, and Veg Momos(.com).
Lovnish Thakur
Creative Content Writer
Lovnish has been working in Social development sector for last 12 years. During the course of his professional journey, he has traveled across India and experienced distinct cultures first hand. Writing has always been his passion and he loves to share his thoughts with others through the creative mode of writing.
Krutika Korat
Creative Content Writer
Krutika is a 'C.S. by Profession and Author by Passion'. She walked with the pen for 2 years, working as a content writer and visualiser. On parental advice she then switched profiles and is currently working as a C.S. for a reputed Merchant Banker in Mumbai. Her passion for writing took her to Veg Momos.
Parth Dave
Creative Content Writer
Disha Gangopadhyay
Creative Content Writer
Rohana Jeyaraj
Creative Content Writer
Rohana is a 2nd Year Computer Science Engineering student who finds her solace in creative writing, which has been her forte since age 6. She has a blog to herself on which she publishes her poetry and fiction. She is an internet junkie with a major inclination towards Indian rock bands and the English Premier League.
Nazia Afreen
Creative Content Writer
Nazia Afreen has acquired her Masters in English from Calcutta University. She is a freelance writer by profession, a feminist by choice and a die-hard foodie. Nazia loves reading, debating and sculpting out unconceived ideas. Also being a smartphone freak, Nazia loves to create magic with words. Being a follower of Shaw and Simone De Beauvoir, Nazia’s love for literature and words is something that stands prolific and acts as her signature.
Rohit Nair
Creative Content Writer
Rohit is a sport fanatic who loves to eat. Manchester United is in his blood and so are random online articles, an extension of his love to read. He loves to sleep and binge watch movies. A love for food is a mandatory requirement for him to like you. But, no pressure. Currently finishing up with Engineering so that he can move on to better things.
Shashank Shekhar Bhatt
Creative Content Writer
Professionally a law student, Shashank is a bibliophile at heart. With many other numerous hobbies including playing instruments, sports and of course reading, writing occupies most of his time. Earlier an introvert writer got an opportunity at Vegmomos to write for the masses and since then pursuing it.
Smriti Puri
Creative Content Writer