Uber, a well-known transportation network, has been in the news owing to loads of allegations in the last few months. The allegations that put down the image of Uber includes the December 2014 incident and the recent Gurgaon molestation case as well, that had led to a ban on the service provider. As a result of the consequences, the image of the cab service provider is been deteriorating consistently, thanks to its drivers.

In order to rebuild their image in the public, Uber has decided to appoint female drivers in Mumbai. In the initial phase, it has hired 20 female cab drivers which will rise to 100 in a very few days. This decision came after the Gurgaon case. But can it revive its image among the public?

After the success of various cab services like Priyadarshini Taxi Services, Viira cabs, and SheCabs, other cab services like Ola cabs and Uber are also encouraging the female drivers to join their team. The sole idea behind the decision is to make the women feel safe while hiring a cab service, especially during the night hours. However, the company has not cleared yet if these female drivers in Mumbai will provide service only to female passengers or if the hiring of cab driver will depend upon the passenger’s interest.

Female Drivers in Mumbai
These days the taxi and cab demand is growing and in a city like Mumbai, the cab service is highly essential. Uber’s decision of hiring female drivers in Mumbai is simply to improve its image and thereby its business. If this move of the company works out, the same can be implemented in other cities as well. Now, they have hired just twenty ladies for this and they will undergo a 3-month long training and after that the lady passengers can avail the facility of the female drivers in Mumbai.

A newly hired lady, Samina Bhokiya (29), says proudly that women feel secure when they see a female driver is driving for them. When customers see female drivers in Mumbai, they get astonished, but at the same time they can ensure the security of lady passengers. She feels it like a decent opportunity for female drivers. She feels proud of earning up to Rs 3,000 every day and that has made her the highest earning female cab driver of the city.

Female Drivers in Mumbai
The entry of female cab drivers into Uber has raised a warning message for the male drivers. The cab service provider has also confirmed that the drivers with rude or reckless attitude will be verified and may lose their contract with Uber.

This will definitely make them to be cautious while driving and in turn, it will enhance the safety of the passengers. The company also puts emphasis on women empowerment and is vowing to add self-defense while providing training to the female drivers. It will help them in self-defense as well as to save their passengers.

The move is brilliant as it will ensure the safety of female passengers, especially in the odd hours. The mere focus is to provide a safer in-transit atmosphere for passengers across India. However, we have to wait to see the effectiveness of this system.


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