India is undoubtedly a land of intelligent people, and I am proud of being an Indian. Indians have proved earlier, and have been proving their smartness in every field, including science, astrology, medicine, education, agriculture, and what not. We are aware of many big discoveries and inventions made by Indians like the number system, Zero, Pi, Raman effect, Bhabha scattering, and many more; but did you know most of our daily use objects have also been invented in India? Some of them date as back as the Indus Valley Civilization, which clearly explains our genetic intelligence quotient.

Let me take you through a list of basic yet important objects and processes that we have been using commonly, but did not know were first invented or made in India. Though these inventions were from India, they have been used all over the world.

1. Buttons

Yes, pleasantly surprised, aren’t you? What we do without them, how would we manage without them? Imagine front open shirts flying around your body, exposing the pretty you to sun and pollution. He fashion industry would have never existed without this very essential object- button!

Buttons were first created in India about 5000 years ago (2000 BCE) at Mohenjo-daro in the Indus Valley. They used to be crafted from the seashells in various shapes for ornamental purposes. People used to drill a hole in the buttons so that it could be attached to the clothing using a thread strand. It served as a kind of beautiful clothing accessory, and did not intend to fasten two pieces of the same garment.

With time, buttons became more and more beautiful and useful. They were made out of more durable materials like plastic and steel, to serve as a fastening product, besides adding to the beauty of the garment.


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