Be it the monotonous summer holidays or self-acclaimed non-working days of winters, these movies are part of our lives and that too an indispensable one. The tedious and dull “Daal-chawal” would have taken hours to be finished without these movies on our television sets.

After thrashing records on silver screen, they compelled the viewers to redefine the meaning of “super hit”. We watch them always with same interest and engrossment. So here goes a list of evergreen bollywood movies.


Translated in English as “Something happens…”, this directorial debut of Karan Johar catapulted him to cloud nine. The idea of portraying innocence of a daughter, love for her father, and admiration towards a mother figure bolstered Mr.Johar’s out of the box idea to get success at a historic level.

This movie reformulated the idea of love triangle in such a way that it gave new dimensions to other writers to think upon. Apparently, demonstrating the age old hypothesis that men and women can never be non-romantic companions without difficulties, Anjali (Kajol) falls in love with Rahul (Shahrukh), without his knowledge. Rahul then tells her that he has fallen for Tina (Rani Mukherjee). Anjali flees the college. The tale then cuts to a point in time years later, after Tina has unexpectedly died, leaving Rahul as a single parent, free to meet Anjali again.

Great melodies and an ultimate romantic pair of Shahrukh and Kajol make it worth watching every single time.

evergreen bollywood movies

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