We learn from our ancestors. In medieval age, the concept of relationship was open and passionate. Men-women had multiple partners or spouse but each of them was bounded by love and in total commitment. With change of time, the concept of relationship has also changed. We have become more selfish, sharing love and still bounded in commitment is nearly an impossible task.

The concept of love has become boring and burdensome to such an extent that more than hook-ups, we see break-ups, more than marriages, we see divorces. It is sad that our generation has forgotten how to love and how to be in love. All we care is about us and our selfish world.

It is not an insane thought that a person cannot love two people at once. Soul mates can be found in more than one person and the idea does not stick in love but it also can be flourished in friendship. Sometimes it may happen that an addition of a member to a relationship can bring a new dimension. It is like a missing colour in the palette which helps to complete the painting. So the concept of Throuple may be newly coined, but it was there in our society long ago.

London based Adam Lyons, 34, is living happily with his two girlfriends Brooke and Jane- a Throuple relationship. When in school, Adam was voted as a nerd who was least likely to get a girlfriend. But his fate smiled and using his psychological skills, he started dating numerous girls. He became such an expert at dating and relationships that he started coaching online as how to date and pick-up girls.

In an interview, Adam confessed that if he wants, he can sleep with any beautiful girl in this world. After dating for a quite a long time, he finally decided to settle down in life. He met his wife Alexandra and got married to her. The 3 years of married relationship got sour when Alexandra was not ready to conceive child. They did not want to divorce as love was strong but decided on Polymora – having sexual partners besides your husband or wife. Things changed and they started enjoying this new kind of bond.


Brooke was a common friend of both Alexandra and Adam. Brooke being a bi-sexual dated both Alexandra and Adam. Adam fell in love with Brooke and they shared a very strong bond. Eventually Adam and Alexandra separated and Brooke with her son Oliver (from her first relationship) moved in with Adam. Both of them did not limit to monogamous relation and were open to Polymorous lifestyle.

It was then, when they met with their third partner Jane. The trio fell in love with one-another and things fell into place. They are a happy normal family sharing love, friendship, intimacy, and a large bed. Even Brooke’s son Oliver accepted them graciously and recently Adam and Brooke had their first son Dante. They are excited and happy to look after the children and bringing them up in a lovely environment.

The trio are completely in harmony with peace and love, irrespective of their personal spaces and desires. Interestingly, they are now open and looking for a fourth women partner with whom they can share their world.


Well there are others also who believe in Polymora. Jonathan is living a happy life with his two wives in California. They recently had their babies and are happy to raise them in a warm friendly environment. Woody Allen’s movie “Vicky Christina and Barcelona” also showed Polymora where three people lived happily with one-another.

Even in India, we have found many instances where man is living a happy married life with two sisters in the same house. So you see, it’s all in your head and heart on how you share and express love.THROUPLE

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