How often do you have to change your light bulb? How long do you even think a light bulb can survive? Well, this bulb is burning from 113 years and is the world’s longest burning light bulb.
This particular light bulb will have you in shock for its longevity. It is perhaps the world’s most illuminated light bulb. It has been on since 1901 and apart from a few exceptions of a few power outages, it has never even been turned off. It burns for 24 hours for the whole year and people even celebrate its anniversary every year.

This amazing light bulb is situated in Station 6, Livermore, California. It was only off twice – once in 1976 and another time in 2013. The last time it was given a rest for 3 and a half hours.

The reason why this light bulb has such a long life is because it is made with a carbon filament, hand blown incandescent lamp. It is made with a specific tool which makes it efficient.

Usually when a light bulbĀ gets hotter their lifetime decreases and they stop to light. But when this bulb becomes hotter, its ability to conduct electricity goes up.

Even scientists are in awe of this light bulb. They are trying to replicate this system so that we can create a sustainable supply of power for the future generations. This Centennial light bulb has been recognized in the Guinness book of world records for being one of its kind.


longest warning light bulb

The fact of interest is that this light bulb is now so much important to people, that a special camera, focused on the light bulb has been set up now.

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