India is a vast country. Apart from many popular places that are on the wish list of tourists, there are many Indian towns with unusual names. While some of these are nondescript, others are popular with visitors who are quite frequent to these places.

1. Poo, Himachal Pradesh

Among Indian towns with unusual names, Poo is a small town in tribal district of Kinnaur in Himachal Pradesh. The town spreads in a radius of 7 km and has a population of 1,192. The small town is known for its beauty, apricot orchards, almonds and vineyards.

Amazingly, Poo has existed for a long time and was an important trading town since the 11th century. Poo has an ancient temple which is dedicated to Lord Buddha and the population in the region is predominately Buddhist. The town is located on NH 22 that leads up to the international border in China.

indian towns with unusual names - Poo, Himachal Pradesh

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