I write anything and you read the same, isn’t it a bit monotonous? Let’s make it interesting, let’s play a game…

Come on now imagine a city, any, something big…..

What you have imagined? Delhi? Something like that? No. Think bigger and better? Where have you reached? Mumbai or Bangalore? Think even bigger and better, well let me help you now!! Can you imagine something like Singapore? Mmmm…probably yes, now you got what I wanted. You see skyscrapers all around, big flamboyant buildings, libraries, hotels, clean and well planned streak of houses, wide and well maintained roads. Altogether, an extravagant city with world class facilities.

This is the story of Kangbashi, Ordos in China, which is also known as the ghost city. But wait a second, this is not all. I would like to make you recall that the “game is on”. And let me guess now what you would have perceived about that city. You must be looking at something really crowded (because it’s China – the most populous country in the world, though we’re going to surpass them in few years. But no!! This city I am talking about is totally vacant.

Originally planned to accommodate 1 million people, this city now only has 25 thousand residents. Empty from almost three years, this city is famous as “ghost city”. Abandoned streets, empty houses, no honking of cars and silent days – this is the true picture of this city.

Ghost city of Kangbashi

But why is this so, why this place is so quiet?

The reason lies in faulty policy making of the Chinese government. Around 10 years ago, China found large coal reserves in Ordos. They started exploiting and excavating the same. These excavations consequently generated a lot of wealth. And now we all know what China does when it is having a surplus amount of money in its hand. They Build!!! They BUILD A LOT!!!

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