Ever wondered why the current fashion industry looks like it went through the Abstract Thought Generator from ‘Inside Out’? Why the once very normal, glamour-oriented industry has turned over a topsy-turvy leaf? Why would fashion designers want to unveil clothes and designs that are absolutely unfit to wear and are never on sale?

According to a largely upvoted answer on Quora, it’s simply to get people excited about the industry. Runway designs are wearable forms of artwork, with the emphasis on innovation and beauty and not functionality. It’s to show the public how far, as designers they can push themselves. They are showcasing their magnificent originality; selling their unorthodoxy, not the outfit.

All that rationalization apart, I still do have a bone to pick with the fashion industry. There are these certain designs, that I came across and however hard I squinted, I failed to see the ‘underlying beauty’ and ‘ingenuity’ of these so called ‘items of clothing’. In my head, the runway morphed into the Big Top and the models into circus clowns. Like seriously, go home fashion, you’re drunk!

Take a look at certain stand-out excerpts from the bizarre fashion industry.

1. The Headgear

Hats have been in vogue since the Victorian Era, and even before that too! They make a very elite style statement when worn with the right outfit. Be it a classic top hat or a simple, chic beret. On the flipside, wear the wrong hat and you may end up looking like a psychedelic mushroom.   hats part of bizarre fashion

2. The Accessories

Earrings to match the border of your sleeve; a choker to complement that wide necked blouse; a nice bulky watch to go with that sleek grey suit – we all accessorize when needed! But would you be as extreme enough to wear jewellery that looks like food? Or a headband with a cage to store your little pet hamster or pet chick? Or how about wearing lego all over your face?

accesories part of bizarre fashion

3. The Footwear

‘Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world’, said Coco Chanel. Give a girl the wrong pair of shoes and watch her trip and ‘Break her neck’, quoting Busta Rhymes.

footwear part of bizarre fashion

4. The Makeup

This is a funny piece of advice a guy once gave to his guy friend – if you’re taking your new girlfriend out on a date, take her swimming. Get to know what she really looks like before you make sure if you’re really down for her or not. If that girl happens to be a runway model for an eccentric design house, then a car wash would be better suited.

Want to know the heights of bizarre fashion? Models made to walk the runway with an artificial bald head and a sparse beard growing from their chins.

makeup part of bizarre fashion

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