Salman Khan is one of the reigning khans of the Hindi Film Industry and also a brand. He is known for good and not-so-good things. He is also called the ‘man with heart of gold’ as he runs various charity organizations. Salman Khan is the man who gave successful careers to many actresses. Some made it and some just faded away. Some stole the limelight for few days and some are living in it. So we present you a list of actresses who owe their careers to Salman Khan for the limelight or the success in the Hindi Film Industry.

1. Katrina Kaif

Born in Hong Kong to an Indian father and British mother, she travelled to various countries because of her mother’s social works. She came to India as a model and negligible knowledge of Hindi. Her Hindi debut vehicle, Boom flopped badly and she was at crossroads and here is where Salman steped in. She starred with him in Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya. That was the turning point in her life. After four hits in 2007, and various top endorsements in her kitty, she was counted among the successful Bollywood actresses. She broke up with Salman in 2010.

Now her career is all set and she has nothing to worry about, and yes, she got the handsome Kapoor boy, Ranbir Kapoor as her boyfriend. What more she would have wanted? Most probably, they will get married by the end of this year or next year! She will break many hearts when she will get married.

Gorgeous Katrina is one of those actresses who owe their careers to Salman Khan!!!

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