Indian people are really talented, be it in science, technology, games or academics. Most of the talent we see around the world is from India itself. We have recently read about the golf player of Haryana and here another child prodigy has shot to fame because of his talent. Meet the teenager boy from Guwahati, Kabyanil Talukdar, who has won the Rubik’s Cube World Championship in Sao Paulo, Brazil, by solving the Rubik’s cube with eyes closed.

What an awesome whiz-kid! Have you ever tried walking with your eyes closed or maybe writing with closed eyes?? Well, you will be surprised that this wonder kid has won the championship blindfolded. Unbelievable it is to see how he can judge a colour of a puzzle without even looking at it. The wonder kid not only solved the Rubik’s cube with eyes closed, but also performed this feat in a mere 24.86 seconds.

Amongst 300 children, he emerged as the ultimate winner. The countries participating were USA, Peru, Brazil, Germany, Korea, Japan, and India. He made India proud by winning the championship in just 24.86 seconds, that too by solving the Rubik’s cube with eyes closed!

Kabyanil Talukdar has won the Rubik's Cube World Championship By solving Rubik's Cube With Eyes Closed

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