India is considered by many to be one of the world’s most attractive and exotic tourist locations. The beaches of our country are some of the best and most beautiful in the world and only if you spend a considerable amount of time; you can truly appreciate India’s natural beauty.

Though there are some famous beaches in the country, like the Juhu beach in Mumbai and Marina in Chennai, there are some secret beaches in India that are still untapped. It’s time that these unknown beauties are finally brought to the public eye so that you can lose yourself in the tranquillity and peace of these secret beaches in India.

You can come on to the beach in solitude or with a loved one and just wade through the calm waters or relax by the sand. The best part is these beaches are surrounded by natural flora and fauna and are not populated by people, so you can completely be one with yourself and have a peaceful time.

So, here are nine of the best and (surprisingly) unknown beaches in the country:

1. Marari Beach, Kerala

Kerala is known to have some of the best beaches and backwaters that the country can boast of. The natural beauty of Kerala is known worldwide and thousands of tourists throng this South Indian state, which is also dubbed as, “God’s Own Country.”

However, the Mararikulam beach is a paradox as it is one of the most beautiful beaches, surrounded by azure blue waters and white sand and yet, not crowded.

This makes Marari beach one of the best places to lose yourself or find some tranquillity from your hectic life. There are also a lot of water activities that you can enjoy here. The beach is surrounded by palm and greenery, just giving it that perfect setting to enjoy.

Besides, you can also take some time out and soak in the local atmosphere which is absolutely serene and magical at any time in the evening, giving you the break you deserve.

lose yourself in these secret beaches of India

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