Stunt, fame or name? What do you want? What can people do to get these three things? In short, on what level can they actually go to get famous? What if a kid lit himself on fire and jumps from a long distance with no ropes on him? Can this happen? Are you kidding me? The answer is NO.

This can’t be true, right.  But this is true. In this video a Russian kid lights himself on fire and jumps off a 9 storey building into a snow pile.

This was not because he was frustrated with his studies, but only because he wanted to be famous. Spectators were all around. This stunt was performed with no safety.

My advice to you is just that, please do not try these types of stunts you may get hurt. Vegmomos cares about you, right? After all, we are a family together.

Well, this was all clearly a publicity stunt to get famous and he got famous too as he survived. Why don’t you check out this amazing video of Russian Kid Sets Himself On Fire And Jumps Off A 9-Storey Building? For more, stay connected to Vegmomos for amazing updates around the world.

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