Our contemporary culture is seduced by reckless competitiveness. In this rat race, every person is trying to take over the other person; be it a job designation or a school report card, competition is what humans thrive on. Every man for himself – a saying that we take too seriously in our lives and has resulted in the loss of our humility. We’ve lost the touch of our basics, basics that taught us what is the meaning of being human and our onus towards the other fellow humans.

While most of us are fighting for more marks and better positions at work, a very few of us are changing lives of millions. These people are just like us, privileged – worked for an impressive CV, have a set of academic achievements, a dual degree, and a financial support from their family – but instead of making a life for themselves, they chose to help those who have lesser than what they have. And one of these amazing human beings is Sonal Kapoor.

Sonal founded Protsahan five years back when she was just 24. Protsahan, a social enterprise for street children and adolescent girls, aims at teaching and empowering young adolescent slum girls and street children.

Establishing Protsahan was the life-changing event for Sonal. It all started when she was shooting a film and met a pregnant woman – a mother of six daughters, with a seventh child on the way.

While in conversation with this woman, Sonal discovered that the woman was abnormally destitute due to which she was not able to feed her children. Her conditions were so feeble that she was already planning on sending her 8-year-old daughter Julie to a brothel for earning some money for the family.

The woman also planned to strangle her newborn if it turned out to be a girl. Sonal stopped dead in tracks after knowing about her horrific conditions. And that was it, Sonal decided to change the life of girls like Julie and help the likes of her mother, and thus the idea of Protsahan was born.  In three weeks, Protsahan opened one room school for Delhi slum kids to teach them creative arts and design.

Every day is a good day at Protsahan, social enterprise for street children

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