Amir Khan in upcoming movie PK.

Wait,… he naked. My my, it looks like Amir khan the so called “Mr.Perfectionist” has gone beyond the boundary of perfection. At least the poster of movie PK says so.

In his upcoming movie PK, Amir khan has teamed up with one of finest filmmakers in bollywood Rajkumar Hiraniā€¦ Again with theĀ female lead of Anushka Sharma, as a sidekick Sushant Singh Rajput is also in the movie.

Standing on a railway track , middle of a dessert completely nude with a stereo type thing in his hand the poster of movie PK is really shocking and bold but yet hilarious.

With the look of the posters all we can assume is Amir Khan playing a drunk in the movie. there’s also goof ups that he’s an alien in this upcoming movie PK. The Release Date of movie PK is supposed to be in December or January.

movie PK


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