Most of you would have read or heard about the beautiful incident that took place in 2007 at Taman Safari zoo, Indonesia, where two orphaned cubs played with other orphan siblings. Nia and Irma were the orangutans who made news.

However, on the contrary, we would have also seen tigers eating orangutans and orangutans eating tigers on the Discovery channel. We have only known that one of them is a snack of the other one always. That is the way of the wild. But will you believe this? A male orangutan bottle feeds 3 tiger cubs! It may sound strange, but it is true, and it is becoming viral too.

This beautiful scene happens in Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina  every day. We would really envy if we see the way the Orangutan cuddling and feeding the tigers. The orangutan shows genuine interest in caring the tiger cubs. It always wants to help the tiger cubs with their feeding activities. When he feeds the cubs, it holds the legs and hands of the tiger just like a mother holding the kids hands and legs when feeding syrup. This shows that a mother’s love is a mother’s love, no matter what species it is from.

The orangutan not only feeds the tiger cubs, but  also plays with them like a father playing with his children. You would be amazed to know that they communicate through their eyes. Telepathy works with animals too, and maybe God wants these two different species to share a wonderful bonding.

The Orangutan and the tiger cubs communicate through their eyes

The gigantic orangutan finds immense pleasure in touching the little paws of the tiger cubs and the tigers love getting bottle-fed by the large orangutan, as well as cuddling up with him and climbing all over him. The  white baby Bengal tigers always look comfortable being held by their orangutan father.

Suryia, the male orangutan, was born at the Myrtle Beach Safari preserve and is one of four orangutans who live there. “He lives with his brothers and sisters and 10 other apes as well,” said Dr. Bhagavan Antle, the director of

It is also said that the male orangutan took on the role of caretaker after observing the humans at the safari caring for the big cats and became very connected to the mothering process, which is particularly interesting for a male orangutan.” But I feel, we humans should observe how beautifully the orangutan caresses the tiger cubs.

The Orangutan feeding the tiger cubs like they are its own

When the Orangutan plays with only one tiger cub, the others get possessive (seems so) because they also want to get cuddled by the father. That is quite obvious since they are only 1 to 2 months old. But the father plays the  mother’s role perfectly by taking all the three cubs in his hands and kissing them.

Yeah, the abandoned tiger cubs are lucky for getting an adorable father cum mother and the orangutan is lucky for having got the pet kittens.This lovely family attracts lots of visitors and of course it is a visual treat for them.

This makes me feel like love has no bounds. But let’s wait and see how the tiger cubs behave when they grow up.


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