Major chunk of Indian population is young and striving hard to fulfill kaleidoscope of their dreams. However, in the race of fulfilling mission and ambition, it is more than easy to neglect health. The neglect of health results in shocking stories, like that of Sarvshreshth Gupta heard recently — a 22 year old analyst at the Goldman Sachs, who died probably because of work pressure and neglecting health.

It becomes more difficult to take care of one’s health when products banned across the world on ground of health related issues, are available in your own backyard, that is, in India. Shocked! Check out yourself:

1. Analgin

Analgin is a brand name for Metamizole sodium, a medication used to treat a variety of pains. The drug was first synthesized in Germany in 1920.

Besides fever, this drug is used to treat toothache and headache. Other ailments include arthralgia—pain of the joints, neuralgia—pain in one or more nerves, and myositis—inflammation of the muscles.

After an extensive use for five decades, scientists discovered that it has a side effect of heightening the risk of agranulocytosis— a condition in which the bone marrow does not make enough of a certain type of mature white blood cells, thus weakening the immune system of humans i.e. ability to fight diseases.

In 1974, Sweden was the first country in the world to ban the drug, with the United States following suit in 1977. Since then, more than 30 countries, including Australia, Japan, Iran and several European nations have either restricted the use of Analgin to prescription use, or banned it altogether. However, it is easily available in India still, that too without any prescription.

Guys, be cautious! This may cure your pain but weaken your immune system silently. Ask your doctor to prescribe some other medicine when in pain.

Analgin Products Banned Across The World

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