The place where a large majority of the world’s population dwells on; the entity we feed on for entertainment and to communicate; what our lives primarily revolve around today – the internet. As a place that serves to the needs of numerous people, what’s the basic feature that has to be given the most importance? Much more than functionality, it should be safety. Do you really think the internet is a safe place?

You may have your anti-virus and your firewall or a protected wireless connection, but don’t be too confident of security. If there are a bunch of tech-wizards to do good to the internet users and introduce these safety measures, then there’s another bunch of tech-wizards right around the corner, to thwart all attempts made towards increasing internet security.

My point being, however beneficial the advancements in technology may be to the world, technology has advanced in a detrimental fashion also. So advanced that, any person, located at any corner of the world, can spy on you at any moment.

He/she may be able to track your online transactions, extract personal information from your computer, hack into your webcam and spy on you while you sleep. Yes, it’s that frightening. Cybercriminals are the most inconspicuous of the lot, and largely go unnoticed.

Let alone cyber criminals; we internet users have the capability of putting us into trouble ourselves. Generation Z and probably a meagre population of Generation Y fall prey to this particular online vice/fad called ‘Sexting’. Racy photographs/videos featuring themselves with minimal or no clothing at all are shared via social media. People make intimate and private video calls on platforms like Skype, FaceTime etc. It’s all fun and games till the photograph is seen by those other than the person intended. Either the photograph is shared due to some fallout between the two, or the picture simply somehow lands up in the wrong hands.

The repercussions of such a happening has the potential to scar you for a lifetime. The person becomes mentally traumatized due to the mass public humiliation, which in certain extreme cases can lead to self destructive and suicidal activities.

My question now being, is it really worth all the trouble? Can’t our ‘whore’mones wait it out to take what we want to do behind doors, that they make us do things that have the liability to make us repent in the future?

A YouTube channel called ‘Indi Viral’ recently uploaded a video of an enactment of a Skype video call between a boy and a girl, where the boy ushers her to strip on camera. Towards the end, it is shown that the webcam has been hacked into and that their conversation went public. The video serves as a warning to all internet users, to be wary of the consequences of being intimate over the internet and reiterates not to shed your clothes on camera.

‘Safe sex’ has gotten a new meaning all together. Use not only contraceptives but also your brain cells! Keep yourself and your reputation safe. Would preaching ‘Stay paranoid and trust no one’, be taking it a tad too far? Anyway, watch and share the video to spread the message – never get nude during video chat!


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