What is that thing which scares a grown up girl travelling alone? In my opinion, it’s her security. More often than hearing other criminal cases, we have been hearing cases of rapes and sexual harassment increasing in the country. So the girls have now been given special training on how to protect themselves from the hooligans misbehaving with them.

Read the story of brave Neha Agarwal of Bangalore, who saved her life by acting sanely and smartly. Yes, a brave girl she is! Here’s her story in her own words…

Date of incident: 20th July, 2015
Time: 08:00 PM
Location: Jayadeva Circle

It happened yesterday near Jayadeva  Circle. I was heading in an Auto towards BTM, while passing the under bridge it felt like someone was behind the back seat of the auto. Light from oncoming vehicles made a metallic kind of flash behind me which made me sure that someone is ducking in the rear space behind the seat and he is holding something in his hand.

I tried my best not to make any quick movements so that I can come up with something to help me escape. At the left turn opposite to Gopalan Mall traffic was moving slow because of rush hour and heavy rain. I took the opportunity to jump out of the auto and hit a car coming from behind as he wouldn’t be suspecting me to. This made people go Honking and grabbed enough attention to the scene. The car was at a minimal  speed so I was not hurt. There was a Traffic Police Officer over there who came running as well. I pointed towards the auto which was still stuck in traffic. The policeman took the auto driver out and when I told him he checked behind the back seat and there was a boy holding a knife in his hand. I was startled with fear. He started hitting both of them and then another policeman over there took me to a different auto, checked it first and then asked me to go in it. I was scared and said I’ll walk but he convinced me that I was safe. I then came home.

I am still amazed and scared at the same time. I did not get a chance to thank them at the very moment. So, here is a Big THANK YOU! Bengaluru Traffic Police.


neha agarwal of bangalore jumped from the auto to save her life

It’s really true in this world that we cannot trust anybody and everybody, and as nowadays we are getting to know more and more of incidents where the police are involved; it was initially hard to believe that they shall help but these policemen have shown that “All Fingers Are Not Equal” and that humanity still prevails in men.

Salute to the policemen who saved the girl  and also made sure that she reached her home safely.


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