Yes, you heard that right, there’s a man who lives without money. We are talking about Irishman Mark Boyle, who is famous as The Moneyless Man. Born in 1979, Mark was all over the web and social media. Well known for his online Freeconomy Community, Mark is living without a single penny since 2008. This man is unique in a sense that since the year 2008, he hasn’t made any transaction; neither he earned nor he spent.

Well, there is something for which we Indians should be proud of, and the reason behind it is the person who influenced him to leave a lucrative and flamboyant job and gave a way to devote his life in the welfare of the globe, is none other than our Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi.

After completing his studies in economics and business, he went on to manage two organic companies for seven years. All this started in his last year of his college when he saw the movie Gandhi; he got attracted with the ideas and thinking of Mahatma Gandhi.

After a few years, while he was working for a multi-national company, he started an online community called Freeconomy community.

Mark Boyle  a man who lives without money

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