Man sacrificed in Jharkhand and you won’t believe why?

This summer is just getting scary by the hour! In a bizarre incident this Sunday, the deadly heat left a man sacrificed in Jharkhand, India. And, you already know we are not talking about sun strokes and the usual ones.

This man who was sacrificed in Jharkhand, Thepa Kharia, was just a 55-year-old simple village folk. He was beheaded brutally, in his own home in the dark hours of Sunday morning. And, would you believe it? His family did not even want to lodge a complaint with the police until they were forced to do so. Though they knew who did it, they remained silent not just out of fear, but also out of faith!Weird!(well,just wait).

Head-hunting, cannibalism, and human sacrifices were thought to be a barbaric act of the Middle Ages. At least you would not recall any of them, unless you have recently watched those banned movies, secretly on your laptop at night. But, believe it or not, they are being practised till today, right as we speak!

In a larger part of India (also, in the world, though we’d leave that for a later post), black magic is still practised. And let me tell you, these guys are dead serious about their job.

man sacrificed in Jharkhand is common

The fatal heat waves in India brought the highest number of deaths ever. The number has been estimated over 2,300, and is expected to rise as roads are melting down every day! Along with the entire India, Jharkhand is literally boiling with temperatures reported at 47 degrees celsius. With a large number of farmers, farmlands, and of course, no air-conditioners (we thought of including rain too, but we didn’t see it coming) the villages are worst hit. In other words, it is a drought situation.

While you do manage somehow with rising prices of vegetables at super market and falling prices at online shopping websites’ “sale”; the villagers spend their afternoon praying for the rain for their crops. But, some of their prayers are way too deadly.

Drought led to a man sacrificed in Jharkhand

The Orkas and the Mudkatwa (what! You even find the names scary?) in the tribal interiors of Jharkhand practise a special trade-black magic. And, the cocktail of traditional beliefs and supernatural stories for ages have resulted in enormous amount of faith (or fear) in (for) them amongst the villagers. Apparently, any one questioning their powers would die within a night (nothing has happened to none of us so far). You go ahead, we will take care about the question marks from now on.

So, the Orkas solve anything that troubles the innocent villagers. Rain, of course, is top of the list like an ever trending hash tag. The solution interestingly, is found in the man sacrificed in Jharkhand (sorry, for the sudden loud thump that came with the news, we felt the same too). The black magicians have always believed that if a human head is cut off from its body and put under the soil of the land of the crops, it would bring rains. Interestingly, the very act of doing so, is also known as Orka.

Orka means man sacrificed in Jharkhand

Thepa Kharia, unemployed and lonely, used to live in his little cottage in the district of Gumla. He was sleeping peacefully on the Sunday night, when a group broke his door and chopped his head off. What is even scarier is, they left the headless body in the cottage for the villagers to discover in the morning and carried away the blood-dripping head to the fields for a burial. Sorry, for the graphic detail, but seriously, this is really what happened.

Thepa, the man sacrificed in Jharkhand, lived just about 100 kilometers from the capital city, and see what a fate! We wondered what happened in the even interiors. And, what we found was totally unexpected. We will hold back the graphic details (as much as we can) this time. We perfectly understand, this has been a little too much for you. We will go one at a time.

The tribals have accepted this as a well practised ritual. In 2012, a husband sacrificed his wife in Lohardaga. In 2006, a woman was arrested in Uttar Pradesh where twenty eight human sacrifices have occurred in just four months in a single district (that just breaks the record of a bad surgeon). In the same year, a mother in Chattisgarh, sacrificed her son, to get rid of a curse on her. Again, for the crops, seven year old Lalita Tati was sacrificed in the same state. Her throat was slit and her liver was removed (we don’t know why, did any of it ever seemed to have a reason to you?).

Black magicians even made a man from Bihar sacrifice his fifteen month old daughter, with the promise that he would find a hidden treasure! Tribals are often ignorant and insecure; they often have only two options to choose from – either the land being grabbed by the wealthy lords, or to have faith in whatever the tantric says.

In 2005, a 70-year-old man was finally arrested after he had done five such sacrifices as Thepa’s (see! no detail this time). Thepa, the man sacrificed in Jharkhand, is yet to get justice (till the time of publishing this). Villagers are sure the murderers would be none other than the Orkas and the Mudkatwas. But, they say, these men could be anyone from a farmer to even a well-off “gentle” man.

Moreover, they are too scared, who knows who’s going to be the next? These Orkas always shift their bases from one village to the next every monsoon (just as scary as it can get!).

man sacrificed in Jharkhand and also in other parts

Hey you, wait a second, if you go out there making an opinion that only these tribal people are to blame for their age old nonsense, rethink! A fifty year old woman, in 2013, was brutally murdered by some people as advised by a black magician. What’s so new about it, huh? Well, this black magician (who was also a flight technician), predicted to his client that the death of the 50-year-old woman would bring loads of money and wealth to them. And, where did it all happen? The city of Mumbai! (hope you got the point).

don't just tel me a story of a man sacrificed in Jharkhand

As Therpa, lay beheaded in a pool of blood in a village called Kharvadih-Kadamdohar, we are left disturbed by our own civilization. The question that remains is, is it all because of a blind-faith or is it because of the insecurity of losing one’s identity that today results in a forced belief of something totally unnatural (now, whether or not to put that with a question mark).

Disclaimer – All images are representational. No connection to actual events.
“Black Magicians” are not black (like, some of them maybe), but, we don’t mean anything racist overall!

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