Believe it or not, some people do take it to the extremes when it comes to greed of good look. This man apparently wasn’t having enough good looks already, that he had 117 plastic surgeries just to get a perfect face.
On a second thought, didn’t  ‘Mihir’ of “Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi” do plastic surgery the same number of times? Or was it more? That makes me wonder whether this man was inspired by Balaji Telefilms in any way. You know, even men are attracted to soap operas nowadays.

On a serious note, living in a society that values superficial beauty above the real one, the obsession over one’s appearance is understandable. In fact, there are so may people who have obsession with their looks, that it cannot be just termed as perfectionism – it is a whole different thing altogether.

Imagine, not being satisfied with your body, your muscles, your eyebrows, or your nose (like in my case), we all have these minor things about our body which we would want to change. But the real question is how far would you actually go to get that look? Would you get yourself under the knife 117 times? This man apparently did.

Justin Jedlica is supposedly still undergoing some or the other surgery to perfect his look. The question is, will it ever be perfect? Is anything ever perfect? We will let you ponder over that.

Meanwhile the guy named Jedlica has a very sleek opinion about this whole thing, he says “If you want to stand out, you have to stand on your own.” We wonder which part of the body he is referring to. Anyways, this guy has so many surgeries that there could hardly be any part of the body that has not gone under the knife until now.


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