While you may not be a huge fan of Indian culture or Indian cuisine, it is worth noting that India is one of the most populous and rapidly growing countries of the world. By rapidly growing I mean, growth in terms of technology, medicine, employment and what not. With Sundar Pichai becoming the CEO of Google, India has yet again proved that it is still us, who deserve the top slot.

You might be thinking that you know each and everything about the country, but there are quite a few lesser known facts about India that even a hard core Indian would be amazed to uncover. Here you go..

1. Honking Is A Good Idea

If you are driving on a busy road in India (well, all roads in India are busy), there is no way you can drive fast and reach your destination on time except for honking and taking over every other vehicle ahead of you. We encourage honking as much as we encourage drinking milk. Don’t believe me? Every truck on the road will support my point – HORN PLEASE!

I wonder what would our roads look like, rather sound like, without those melodious horns donning them. And the amazing part is, honking works too, if not to give you side, then at least to shout and throw all possible abuses your way.

honking is one of the lesser known facts about India

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