Some people are born with a silver spoon in mouth, and some others with a shining golden spoon. How many of you wish to be born to royal and famous families in your next birth? I am sure almost all of you would want to enjoy the special atmosphere and treatment meted out to celebrities and their kids. The way they are brought up and have so many servants and maids looking after their every requirement is simply amazing. I wonder if these kids know how it feels to not get something that is so much desired.

The world is at your feet if you are a celebrity or are born in a celebrity family. We bring to you some happening and cute kids of Bollywood celebrities who will charm you not just with their looks, but with their awesomeness too.

1. Aryan and Suhana Khan

Everything Shah Rukh Khan does is news and there was no way that these two star kids would have escaped media scrutiny. They have literally grown up under the flashlights and if ever they decide to step into Bollywood, the years of training and being The Baadshah’s kids will definitely come in handy.

Shah Rukh is adamant however that his kids have a normal childhood and study hard which is why he is even sending them abroad for higher studies. We will have to wait and see what destiny has in store for these tinsel town siblings.

Kids Of Bollywood Celebrities

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