Is Maggi non veg?

Or we could say “Is Maggi really veg ? ” – This question gets asked by some consumers and it even went viral once. But why people think of Maggi as non-veg product even though it has a 100% pure veg green mark ? And what if it is true ? Let’s investigate and find the truth!

Maggi is undoubtedly one of the most popular fast food in India and has an enormous amount of sales. But what is the reason that suddenly made people doubt their favorite fast food as non vegetarian?

Here are the two reasons that most people state as evidence to claim Maggi as a non-veg product.

1. The Tangy flavor of Maggi

Maggi has a tangy taste which is very much similar to usual non veg dishes. Another thing that strengthens this is that many other noodle products tastes a lot same to each other but none of them comes any close to the taste of Maggi. This makes Maggi special and stand out from the competition, but it also make the whole thing more suspicious.

Is Maggi Non Veg

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2. The Additional Flavor Enhancer E635

Okay, this is what put Maggi in this mess. This extra flavor enhancer is supposed to have meat extracts from different animals or fish.

E635 original name “Disodium ribonucleotides” is a flavor enhancer made from the mixtures of many other flavor enhancers like E626, E627 and some other. Some of these flavors such as E627 mostly do have extracts derived from animals, but it is possible to create these flavors without animal extracts as well by compromising their real taste.


Man, these seem to be some really strong evidences. However, that’s just one side of the coin and still it’s only claimed, not proven. See the next page to continue the search for truth and to find out whether Maggi is veg or not.

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