The army, navy and airforce protect our borders by keeping a vigil. We have always known these security forces to shed their lives at the borders and their sacrifices are what ensure peaceful sleep to citizens. Yet, there are very rare occasions when these forces do something to protect lives of individual citizens or the common men. The recent incident where the Indian Navy saved life of Kochi auto driver is a remarkable and noteworthy gesture.

The Four Hours Deadline

The whole incident would remind you of some fast paced and exciting novel. A 47 year old Mathew Achadan was to receive a heart transplant to cure his medical condition. He was suffering from dilated cardiomyopathy and was admitted to the Lissie Hospital at Kochi. He was to be the recipient of a heart of brain dead Neelkanda Sharma, who was admitted in the Sree Chitra Tirunnal Institute of Medical Sciences in Trivandrum.

The family members of 47 year old Mr Sharma agreed to donate the heart but reaching the heart to Kochi within the four hours as suggested by the doctors was a Herculean task. The heart has to be transplanted into a fresh body and should start beating within four hours, for the desired effect from the operation. That is what made this task even more crucial. The doctors had extracted the heart from the body of the deceased by 6.10pm. The deadline was close and it was surely a challenging mission for all involved in it.

Indian Navy saved life of Kochi Auto Driver

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