Shocked to read the title – A girl marries stray dog in an attempt to ward off evil spirits?This Indian teenager from an isolated village in Jharkhand state, lately got married to a dog as a customary ritual. The bride, 18-year-old Mangli Munda, was clad in a lovely wedding dress but each person at the wedding, had eyes set only on the groom, who was a stray canine named Sheru.

Sheru was carried to the wedding venue in style; he was bought in a chauffeur driven car and welcomed by well-wishers upon his entrance. The dog was chosen by Mangli’s father, Sri Amnmunda, who was quite pleased about the entire event. The village elders told them that they should organize the wedding as soon as they could. They had to make sure that the evil spell was destroyed and marrying a dog was the only way to get rid of the bad luck.

News about a girl marries stray dog might be funny to you but this lady is not at all happy, how could she be?  Later, she revealed that she was quite anxious about the whole affair, but she went along with it in the expectation that it would transform her luck.

“I am marrying a dog because the village elders believe that my evil spell will be passed on to the dog,” she explained. “After that is done, the man I will marry will have a long life.”

Girl marries stray dog in india

In many parts of rural India, there is a belief that if planetary positions are uncomplimentary at the time of birth, it could mean a reduced lifespan for the child’s would be spouse. The condition can be fixed, however, by marrying a dog or a tree, thus canceling the curse.

So this is what happened in Mangli’s case as well. And in spite of the fact that the groom was a dog, Mangli’s mother wanted it to be like any other human wedding. Apart from the fact that the groom was a dog, they followed all customs. They showed that they respect the dog as much as they would respect a normal groom. They had to spend money on this wedding in the same way they would have done in a normal wedding. But that is the only way they could get rid of her bad luck and ensure the benevolence of the village.

Girl marries stray dog in India to ward evil spirits

Mangli’s father said that many weddings like this have taken place in their village and also the other neighboring village. “This is a custom we thoroughly believe in.” he said.

Even though Mangli didn’t want to marry a dog, she agreed with her father: “My villagers say that many girls like me have followed this ritual and they have gotten rid of their evil spells and are living happy lives now. I will marry a man one day. It is the dream of every girl to marry a prince charming. So I am also waiting for my prince.”

This is not the first case in which a girl marries stray dog and is in news. In November 2007, a man in southern India married a female dog in traditional Hindu ceremony as an effort to atone for stoning two other dogs to death – an act he believed cursed him. Selvakumar, 33, told media that he has been in trouble since he stoned two dogs to death and swung their bodies from a tree 15 years earlier. Don’t know when India will get released from such orthodox rituals.


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