A chilled can of coke sounds so good in a hot summer day, but that good feeling won’t last long once you learn about the health issues caused by coke. Read on to know about the ‘alarming facts’ about this fizzy drink we all love. Niraj Naik, an Indian scientist explained the bad effects of Coca-Cola in his blog, Truth Theory. So what happens after this colored water goes down your throat??

In the first ten minutes, ten teaspoons of sugar has entered your system. Yes, TEN teaspoons of SUGAR!! Normally, a person would vomit, but the phosphoric acid in the drink cuts that too-much-sugar flavour and keeps it down.

In the next twenty minutes, the level of the blood sugar shoots up and leads to an insulin burst and the liver turns the sugar into fat. After 40 minutes, the caffeine is completely absorbed due to which pupils get dilated, blood pressure rises and the poor liver dumps the extra sugar into the blood stream.

After forty-five minutes, the dopamine’s production is increased and this stimulates the pleasure cell of the brain. Believe me or not, this is how ‘heroin’ works. After some time the caffeine rush dies down and the person has a sugar craving.

Major health issues caused by Coke

Naik investigated coke after he observed that people who maintained low-fat diet were gaining weight rapidly. He said that fructose in the form of fructose corn syrup was found in such fizzy drinks and in processed food stuffs. People are oblivious to these facts and munch away on these food stuffs.

Fructose is contained in fruits as well but the mother nature has provided a solution too. These fruits have fibre which prevents the body to absorb too much of it. That’s why man made fructose is harmful while natural fructose is not.

Some other health issues caused by coke

Bad Teeth- Too much of sugar causes those ugly cavities in your teeth and these cavities will cost you a pretty penny. Yes, you can always brush your teeth after having these fizzy drinks but staying away from them is easier. Isn’t it?

Want to retain that megawatt smile? then stay away from coke because it is one of the health issues caused by coke.

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