The thing which makes life possible on earth is “Oxygen”. But, have you ever wondered what will happen to us and earth if the oxygen suddenly disappear from our environment and what it will be like being without Oxygen for a complete 5 seconds ?


Many might recall with fond touch of nostalgia how we often tried as kids to hold our breath underwater and the one to pull the feat for the longest duration always won the competition. Some tried to pretend or rather check how they might fare 5 seconds without oxygen. What few of us actually realize is that the oxygen reserve that our atmosphere presents us with might be a bigger boon than we take it for.

5 seconds, sounds small, isn’t it ? but these 5 seconds can be the reason for some really big supernatural phenomenons. And from big, we didn’t meant the end of life but some really unusual and kind of dangerous things.

Here are things that will happen to earth without oxygen for 5 seconds.
1. We may need sun cream. A lot of!

Eliminating the oxygen in the atmosphere completely can have several catastrophic implications than any of us could have ever imagined.

Some of us might be aware how the Ozone layer protects us from Ultraviolet radiation; apparently Ozone’s more popular cousin Oxygen has a bigger stake in this than given credit for. The Ultraviolet rays of the Sun are also filtered through the oxygen in our atmosphere hence 5 seconds without oxygen means any place with direct sunlight reaching down would see the people in and around get sun burnt thoroughly. Sun-fried would be a more appropriate definition.

earth without oxygen


2. Hogwarts will turn real.

Remember the cloudy and grayish surroundings in Harry Potter movies, without oxygen you will see the same grayish environment. The Consequently clouds would be much darker without any oxygen too, since the Sun’s rays would have no oxygen particles to bounce and reflect off hence the clouds won’t reflect any color resulting a darker but warm weather. So essentially for 5 seconds all the cloudy spots on Earth would look like set locales for a Harry Potter movie.

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