Most of us tend to be happy when a visitor turns up. But this Ghansali’s 20 hrs surprise visitor actually made the owner of the house run to the kitchen, get himself locked and scream for help. The visitor was so unique and so fearsome that the forest officials had to take around 20 hrs for tranquilizing this surprise guest and then get him relocated to where he should belong, in the Bhilangna forest range. The surprise visitor was after all none other than a leopard.

Ankit Pal, the resident of Ghansali and the host of this Ghansali’s 20 hrs surprise visitor, a leopard that was only two years old. Pal said that he had already sensed that there was an animal present under his bed. Pal said, “I was inside the room and he was under the bed. I thought it was a dog and I tried to chase him away. He then came out and came to attack me.”

Soon realizing the danger, Pal at once informed the respective forest officials of the area; after which a special team was designated and was brought in to work for the scenario. The team was sent from the town of Chakrata, that is located around 200 km away. The team was especially sent for tranquilising the leopard for which they took around 20 hrs, from the very time it was spotted till it was tranquilized and then trucked out being kept it in a cage.

The forest officer Shankar Mendola said, “He seems to have followed a dog into the house. We have tranquilised him and are taking him away in a cage. We will be releasing him back into the wild.”

Ghansali’s 20 hrs surprise visitor was none other than a leopard.

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