Rocks floating in the air in amazing artworks by Michael Grab.

Balancing rocks has become his yoga, meditation, and it is an amazing art for us to admire.

Michael Grab ( Gravity Glue ) tells us his story. Back in 2008 he started balancing rocks exploring Boulder Creek in Boulder, CO, USA. Soon he found it his passion and evolved that passion into true art. Let’s have a look at few of his masterpieces and see his rocks defy gravity.

His most beautiful artworks are created in rivers or lakes, where the water caresses the stones yet does not make them fall, even if it is on top of a waterfall. This work requires lots of patience, steady hands, focused mind. The slightest wrong movement will make the whole thing collapse. According to Michael, the heavier the stone on top is the steadier and more weather resistant the monument will be. As the name of his site suggests, it is as if he applies some sort of “Gravity Glue” to hold the stones together.

rocks floating

His creations are amazing, and Michael does not keep the secret with him. The trick is to find the right click to give the rocks hold on each other.

rocks floating

This creation looks as if it will fall at the slightest breath, yet it stands steady in the river. This art reminds us that deep inside we all are Creators and that nothing is impossible.

rocks floating

Simply looking at this you can experience inner peace, it’s like a sort of meditation, somewhat reminding Zen Gardens, but in a more complex way.

rocks floating

It looks as if gravity has no power over Michael’s creations. How on earth do those 2 big stones balance? It probably took extreme patience to make those 2 stand still.

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