Sounds far-fetched or from a movie/somic book? Well meet Deepak Jangra or Electric boy from Sonipat, Haryana, India who can literally let thousands of volts to pass through his body without being literally unscathed! Shocking? Are you thinking of the spider man nemesis who threw balls of electricity with his bare hands? Well you’re not totally mistaken! Deepak can ‘eat’ electricity or let it pass through his body and withstand the devastating effects. With the amount of electricity exceeding 11,000 volts, enough to power about 500 houses scientists are baffled as to how this inhumanly feat is possible. Excited people from all over his village and from faraway places visit the human insulator while Deepak performs death defying tricks.

The 16 year old sits with his hands inside a tub of water where naked and live wires have been immersed, but he says he feels nothing. He discovered his amazing powers when he was barely 13 when he tried to repair his mother’s broken heater and accidently touched the live wire present there. He said being from a poor family they could not hire anybody to repair the heater. Accidentally he touched the live wire with his screwdriver but did not get a shock. Again around two weeks later he had to get out his DVD which was stuck inside the player and he again stuck the live wire but did not feel anything. This time his suspicion aroused and he checked to see if the current was there in the mains and when was assured that there was no load shedding he at once knew there was something wrong with him.


He claims though he was afraid at first, he later gained confidence once he got used to handling live wires. Once he got accustomed with handling electricity his curiosity went a notch higher and he started experimenting with TV wires, bulbs, heaters and many more and each time he was amazed as to how much he could withstand. So one day he ultimately decided to go on top of an electric pole which carries 11k volts to power his village! Deepak went to a nearby feat to achieve this dangerous feat and soon enough there were people surrounding him with his mother begging in tears to come down. Those people for obvious reasons thought he was going to commit suicide but when he touched the wires and got away with it, everybody was astonished.

Deepak Jangra started with a ‘mere’ 110 volt and went progressively higher with 220 volts, 440 volts and counting. Scientifically a voltage difference as low as 50 volts can cause enough current to flow to damage our internal organs but it is not the amount of voltage that matters. What matters is the amount of current flowing through the body. ‘Wonder boy’ is the name Deepak is known as and he repairs the electric equipments of the people in his village but does not charge a penny. He doesn’t believe in profiting from this gift of his. It is Deepak’s dream to become a manager in the electricity department of the government and he is photographed by people regularly doing his famous stunts. One of Deepak’s school teachers advised him to go to a doctor to get some tests done but they found nothing abnormal.

 Deepak is warned by doctors and scientists alike not to try such death evading stunts as he could be killed by them, a 11,000 volt line powers an entire village, so think about what it could do to the human body. Even standing near 5 meters of the wire could suck any person and burn him/her to ashes. Deepak lives with his mother Khajana Devi (35 years) who is a widow and brothers Sushil (18 years) and Sunil (12 years).


About The Author
- "I am just a simple guy in a complicated world!". Biswadeep Ghosh Hazra comes with 4 years of experience in content writing during which he wrote articles for Mahatma Gandhi University, some Roofing and Dental companies for UK, and many travel articles as well as on niches such as health, science, education, fitness etc. He is currently in his final year pursuing graduation in Electronics and Communication Engineering at Haldia Institute of Technology. He also has a passion for writing poetry, short stories, novellas and plays and has published his works in various national and international magazines, books and journals. Introvert, dreamer, pre-occupied, fighter, poet, are the adjectives that you might use to describe him!!!