Marriage is a bond of a lifetime. Most movies around the world focus on themes where the hero and the heroine have to cross several hurdles to finally get their true love. They focus on themes where young couples come together, get married and live a lifetime together. The ‘happily ever after’ theme has always been popular among the old and the young.

But just imagine those elderly couples who took a lifetime to get that moment of joy and togetherness. These are couples who teach us that it is never too old to love or be married. Their love has passed the test of time.

Imagine couples who have lived years of separation before they realised who their true love is. Here are couples who have truly survived the test of time. Age or stage of life is truly no barrier to true love. These are the elderly couples who are eternally young at heart and know what love actually is.

1. Lena Henderson and Ronald Davis

Lena Henderson and Ronald Davis were just merely teenagers when they first got married during the World War II. Ronald and Lena got divorced in 1964. They continued to remain good friends even after the divorce. They both got married to different partners and fate had it that got separated with time. Ronald Davis, who was a military veterinarian, had to travel places because of his career.

Lena lost her husband in January and with the passage of time, even Davis became a widower. In Easter, Davis proposed to his ex-wife Lena. He flew to meet her with a ring pinned to his pocket. After 48 years of separation, this lovely couple planned to be one again. They plan to get married in Buffalo.

Lena and Ronald are both 85 now. Renita Chadwick, the couple’s youngest daughter, has been extremely surprised at the marriage. She had never suspected anything more than friendship between the two. She has also said that her mother or her father never had a world of complaint against each other.

Lena Henderson and Ronald Davis - One of the elderly couples to get married for the second time

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