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Do you have a Facebook page ? Earn money from your Facebook page. 

Then stop wasting time and start earning from now. Who knows when will facebook unpublish your page ? So make use of the time and start earning using your facebook page.

Our concept is really simple. All you have to do is :

1) If you have a facebook page with 30K+ Likes, then send your application using the form below.

2) After we accept your application, you will be given certain rules to follow.

3) Just share articles or videos from on your facebook page.

4) The amount of traffic you will send through your facebook page will be rewarded with 70-90% of total earning, depending on the quality of the user and page.

5) Money will be sent to you via bank transfer or paypal on every 1st and 15th of the month.

6) Minimum payout is just 1000 INR.


Unlike Google adsense or whatever, we never BAN your account. Since we care for the hardwork we people do to earn our living, we care for you too. We might put a hold on your account if you are using traffic from adult source, and then we can talk about further publishing. But we never BAN your account.

Nothing hidden ! We share 80-90% of the Earnings with you.

We cannot tell you how exactly you will earn. Since it depends on the quality of your page, source of traffic – country, quality of visitors, technology they use to visit veg momos ( laptop, high end devices, mobile) and a lot of different factors. Still a rough estimate is you’ll get paid from $1 – $20 per 1000 clicks.

Note: Direct & Surrogate advertising coming soon on veg momos, which means 5 times earnings ! So stick to us friends.

Please fill in the following details below :

Please do not apply for pages less than 50K Fans, adult pages or without proper admin proof screenshot.

To apply please follow this link: