Slowly the dark side of how India treats women has been surfacing all over the world. It started with Nirbhaya, and since then, things have been coming up one after the other – each one more shocking than the other. One just thinks – when will these things stop? And the only ones who can answer are probably amongst us only.

This horrific incident took place in a village at Patthardewa, in Diwan-i-Tola Hamlet. Apparently a Dalit girl of 17 years was going to attend her intermediate examinations, but she was set to fire instead, by a group of men who had been failing in the exams.

Sarcastically speaking, she is a woman, how does she even dare to become a better student than the other guys in her village, right? This has been happening for quite a while now. Such incidents of rape and battery, or acid attacks are on the rise.

According to the Police, the sole reason these guys attacked the girl was because she was appearing for her ongoing exams. The victim said “They didn’t like that I was pursuing my education because they were failing in school every year. A few months ago, Dhiraj somehow got a photograph of me and tried to blackmail me. A major altercation broke out between our families on the issue.”

The police have said that this is a case of assault and battery, and that the perpetrators are now being hunted down. A manhunt has been sent out for them.

dalit girl

people gathered outside the victim’s house

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