You alone can save seven billion dreams. Look the other way, and think for a while. This Environment Day, you can pledge to make a difference. “Environment Day” by the United Nations is one such step as the Earth Day, to raise awareness and plan action for saving the environment. This year, the United Nations Environment Programme has devised an innovative way to call the people of Earth to action.

“Seven billion dreams. One planet. Consume with care.” This idea, behind the “One Planet. Consume With Care” has originated from the simple fact that, one third of the food produced for humans is wasted always. And, would you believe it, more than twenty thousand children die each year without food (shame on us). So, think if you really need it before buying. It is also the day for rallies, planting trees, and raising voices against environment’s terrorists, besides being the day of signing for International Conventions. Today, we have short-listed a hands-on list to practically deal with the issue of environment abuse.

Not a Spoiler Alert! Some of the items on the list could be repetitive, like you might already know about them. But come on, the last time you read them, you did not even bother to act. Go through your options in this list now and take this opportunity to surprise us!

Environment s in your hands

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1. Unplug!

When your phone has drunk enough and asks you to unplug the charger from the wall socket to save some energy, you might have ignored the message. Beware! For you might have just hurt the sentiments of our next generation and obviously our Mother Nature. Use an intelligent power-strip that cuts off the electricity once your device is charged.

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