India is known for emotions and relationships. It is a land of sacrifices and has many stories to boast about when it comes to relationships. Indians are very close to their family and prefer staying with their parents even after they are self dependant. They want to give all the love, care and monetary assistance to their parents who they know to have sacrificed a lot to bring them up. Similar is the story of Sivakumar, who is a mechanical engineer.

Sivakumar is a CAD engineer and Uber driver who manages both his jobs in order to earn enough to support his family that consists of his parents. Sivakumar says that he works as a CAD engineer from 9am to 6pm and then driver Uber from 7pm to 1am.

He works in Uber to supplement his salary so that he can look after his parents well. He says, “They took care of me all this while and now I will take care of them.”

Besides providing for his parents, Sivakumar also aims to go for higher studies and get a good job someday. He wishes to buy a house for his parents and see them happy and comfortable.

CAD engineer and Uber driver

Such is the love of this guy for his parents that he doesn’t mind working tirelessly for 15 hours a day. He is an inspiration for those who feel that providingĀ a three course meal is enough to prove their love and care towards parents.

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