This brother duo never thought they would work their life for curing beautiful birds. Now they have cured almost 5,000 birds. It all started when they used to see birds of prey and watched them i.e. on the streets, lying there taking last breath and dying. Nadeem Shehzad and Mohammad Saud are these two people who have got expertise on avian surgeries and have a hospital totally dedicated to these beautiful birds and curing their ailments at their residence.

This all began a decade back when Nadeem was 26 and Mohammad was 22 years old. They used to save these beautiful birds at their residential rooftop since then and created a shelter for them there itself in Chawri Bazar, the most congested area of old Delhi.

They started this service in 2003 when they took an injured bird to Jain Bird Hospital in Chandni Chowk, which is still famous for the same. As the beautiful bird was carnivorous and the bird hospital was in temple, they didn’t allow to admit the bird. Thus they started their own way to save this bird by calling in the vet at home and treating it. Once it got cured, they released it.

Since that first bird rescued, they have rescued about 5,000 birds, which is a big number. The birds include varieties of owls, eagles, kites, hawks and vultures. They have engrossed in their work so much that they have even learned how to fix bones using rods and stitch wounds using dissolving threads.

They can perform all kinds of surgeries and can prescribe medicines. This and everything else they do is just by looking at vet veterans all these years and understanding how to help.


Mohammad Saud

This path has not been easy. 95% of whole project is being funded by their own self. No one takes any step towards funding them. This whole concept is dying as no one is helping them in this and their professional life is also disturbed as they are not earning anything out of it.

What they have to say about it?? “With our experience, we discovered that veterinarians did not have the required knowledge on these beautiful birds, so we did not have anyone to go to and look up for help. Either we had to perform surgeries on the wounded bird ourselves or watch it die. This made us experts in avian orthopaedic surgery.”


As they have gained expertise on their knowledge on things through books and doctors, they are constantly brushing themselves up with knowledge about things every now and then. Their real family business is making metallic soap dispensers and this business helps them to serve their family as well as cure these beautiful birds.

Even though many wildlife organizations call them for help, they get no monetary support. Many international and national media has covered their work and they have even been awarded .Their motorcycle is their ambulance and the rooftop of their home is their ‘little hospital’.

The major issue they face right now is monetary help. But what they have to say about this work is really heart warming. “It’s a fact that these beautiful birds will come to a slow painful death without our help as they have nowhere to go and no one to take care of them, keeps us going. We want to start a proper rescue center with international standards.”

We hope they get all the help they require to move on with this project.


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