Most action-packed films which revolve around deadly stunts have these ‘stunt-doubles’ doing the real action for Bollywood superstars. Since every director and film-maker today is in a rat-race to make their film the most entertaining, these daring people are the folks who risk their lives and make some of the toughest scenes come alive for star actors.

Meet these real-life heroes who have made our favourite films a nice treaty to watch.

These stunt doubles make our Bollywood heroes look heroic on screen. There are countless unsung heroes that bring our favourite television shows and movies to life. Let’s salute these brave bollywood stunt doubles or who are popularly referred as stunt-women and stunt-men who put their bodies in harm to get those action shots and sequences that add the special effect to the scene.

1. Riyaz Shaikh for Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan and Akshay Kumar

The veteran stuntman, who has been in the business for almost three decades now, Riyaz Shaikh is still fit and active. Taking risks, runs in his blood, as his father Nasir Shaikh and elder brother Feroze were also in the same profession.

Riyaz started his stunt career from the actor Govinda and has now come a long way changing generations to Hrithik Roshan.

Riyaz admits that while doing a risky stunt, I think of the best way of doing it. However, there are times when even the mightiest get scared. One such stunt scene was in “Dhoom 2″, in which he had to fall from the 32nd floor for Hrithik Roshan and he was really scared until he finished that action.

Riyaz also puts his point about the lack of insurance cover in the profession and admits that we would feel safer if we knew that our families will be taken care of, if something happens to us.

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