Bollywood and its love and love relationship with canines and felines (and in Salman’s case pigeons and black bucks) has been an integral part of many a reel stories. Any of my readers who are of the same age as myself might fondly remember the time Madhuri Dixit’s Pomeranian played the cupid/messenger between her and well, Salman Khan. It’s a very little known fact that many of our on-screen favorites are avid pet lovers in real life too. Some of them have even gone to state how their pets helped them through tight spots when the success ladder was not easy to climb in the tinsel town.

This article takes a gander at some of our favorite Bollywood actresses and their pets, what breed they are fond of and what kind of a dynamic relationship they share with each other.

1. Gul Panag

Many know Gul Panag as a passionate thinking man’s actress, someone who puts the glam in even the most complicated of thinking man’s female characters. Gul’s family consists of two adorable four-legged members too. A beagle named Vegas and a spaniel named Milo are the apple of Ms.Panag’s eye. They even had their own twitter accounts and shared trips out of the country with the actress too. Sadly, Milo passed away two years ago.

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2. Priyanka Chopra

Apparently Priyanka Chopra is quite famous due to her pointed dislike of cats. She makes damn sure that none of the furry, indifferent beings are even close to her. However, Priyanka is also famous for her absolutely gorgeous spaniel who often pops up along her side at sets, on vacations and on twitter too. He is called Brando.

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3. Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty ruled the screens, our hearts, and beyond as the leggy, enviable mid-riff sporting bomb shell. What people never bothered to find out was that behind the talented acting chops and good looks, was a PETA supporter and all around animal lover too. Shilpa Shetty has two Persian cats and a Pekingese dog. Bollywood actresses and their pets are a plenty, but Shilpa sets the bar high with the number of animal relief and rescue missions she has undertaken.

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4. Esha Deol

Esha Deol has always been overshadowed by the lineage she belongs to and beyond her bug-eyed good looks, there is little information about her that has been made public. However, Esha is known to be a very attentive and caring pet owner. She pets an adorable Pomeranian that goes by the name of Piccola. Sometimes Esha affectionately calls her “Darling”. No, make that all the time!

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5. Celina Jaitley

Many know her as the bombshell who always plays the damsel in distress with a dark ulterior agenda for the most part. The truth is, Celina has been an avid animal lover and PETA activist of late. She has a cocker spaniel called Heineken and a Jack Terrier called Teacup. She adopted a 3rd dog named Gooblee recently and hates leaving the three behind as she had to deal with case of bad handlers in the past.

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6. Koena Mitra

This one can be corroborated personally as Koena happens to be the cousin of a friend. What floored me more than her jaw dropping beauty was her love for animals. Koena ‘di’ as we call her at times has a whole army of fluffy friends called Cookie, Jiggy, Sushi, Missy, Bella, Fluffy, Jerry and lastly Dude (the only male)! To our surprise, she confessed to spoiling them with imported dog food and a host of different meals and desserts that are specially cooked for the menagerie!

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7. Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu, the die eyed dusky beauty from downtown Kolkata is know for ensuring a lavish lifestyle for her pet chihuahua, Poshto. Poshto shares his name with Tusshar Kapoor’s pet too. Poshto has accessories that mum Bipasha bought for him in London and other international shopping districts. His potty training is an entertaining story for another day!

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8. Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha is also another of the Bolly big earners who has been a constant support to PETA by campaigning for sterilization and adoption of strays and aged, homeless animals. She used to have a pug, probably called Nancy, another called Kuro and recently she acquired a rottweiler puppy called Simba.

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9. Shraddha Kapoor

The entire tinsel town knows about the bonding between this Bolly newcomer and her lhasa apso Shyloh who is constantly vying for her attention, the moment she steps out of her sets and steps inside her threshold. The actress finds the time to check on her in between shoots and takes the pooch out for walks twice or thrice a week whenever she manages time.

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