The news of Anekal residents in trouble can skip your memory until you get to know the intimate details of what has been happening in this outskirt location, 25 km south of Bengaluru. An abandoned quarry site in Anekal has been spilling fire since past few days. The situation is so bad that even the rainwater that collects in nearby pits boils over and the heat becomes irresistible.

Methane, which is considered to be a highly combustible and toxic gas, has been bubbling out from earth.

With Anekal residents in trouble, the authorities seemed to have turned a blind eye to their concerns. To highlight this apathy of the authorities, the residents have started protesting in an unusual manner. Recently, they came out in large numbers and started cooking out in the open.

The gravity of the problem can be realized from the fact that one only needs to light a matchstick on the bare ground in order to let the fire to ignite. This problem has arisen as the civic authority in the city had been dumping organic waste in large quantity in the abandoned quarry site. This waste was later covered with layers of soil.

Anekal Residents In Trouble is a major environmental concern

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