A 60-year old grandmother was the first person in US to regain her eyesight using a TOOTH implant !

The procedure had been efficiently conducted in the U. S. before. However, it’s still amazing that a tooth inserted in the eye can recover vision to sightless individuals. The surgery treatment is not being conducted Stateside, and a 60 season old lady known as Sharon Thornton was the first to get it.
Sharon Thornton missed her vision over nine decades ago and after going through the procedure of osteo-odonto-keratoprosethesis she can now see. What physicians did was draw out one of Mrs. Thornton’s canine tooth and cut off the top. Next the physicians eliminated the dental mucous tissue layer from within her face and grafted it to her remaining eye.
After exploration an opening in the middle of the tooth, which allows light to achieve the returning of her eye, they inserted the odonto-keratoprosthesis, enabling her to recover complete vision. While for now it has remaining her with an odd looking eye, Doctors say they will protect her eye with a false lens to create it look absolutely regular.

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