The latest AIB video sees Irrfan Khan taking on Bollywood party numbers. One of the most admired actors of Bollywood, renowned for his intense acting has showcased his quirky side in the latest video for stand-up comedy group All India Bakchod (AIB).

Irrfan, who has delivered power packed performances in movies like Maqbool, Paan Singh Tomar, Haasil etc., features in a parody of Honey Singh’s “Party All Night” and takes a jibe at all the party numbers featured in Bollywood films.

It is readily apparent that songs such as “Party All Night”, “Chaar Bottle Vodka” are added in the films solely for the purpose of reeling in the audience.Latest AIB video sees Irrfan Khan taking on Bollywood party numbers

The video starts with Irrfan, the braggadocio, raving about his achievements along with liberally taking a dig at himself to add moments of hilarity.

Irrfan, at his candid best, plays a highly successful actor, who is vain and superficial (oh well) and he sits with AIB to discuss a potential collaboration. He lists out his accomplishments with a disclaimer, “I don’t want to brag” and all the while he keeps getting calls from Sorcesse and “Christie” (Christopher Nolan) and talks about how Shakespeare himself complimented him on his performance in Maqbool.

Between all the bragging, AIB points out that Irrfan has never done a party song. (Irrfan’s reaction is priceless, and takes a jibe at their controversial roast: Bh*****d aadhi industry in logon ki shakal nahi dekhna chahti hai, tum mere paas laye ho.)

What follows is a 3 minute spoof of Honey Singh’s “Party All Night” with the clichéd elements of any party song (according to AIB): An auto tune melody, no talent, lots of alcohol and semi nude women. The added element is Irrfan Khan’s swag, and it pretty much elevates the spoof to a new level entirely.

The latest AIB video sees Irrfan Khan taking on Bollywood party numbers. See for yourself.

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