Imagine you come home after a long day at work and just want to sit and relax on the couch. Switch on the AC, make some food, watch television and just pass out. But, what if you can’t find the AC remote? Your mood could go from bad to worse in a matter of seconds. Not anymore! Here is the AC sofa to quell your unhappiness.

One of the smartest improviser repairman from Gujarat, decided to use his spare time effectively, by designing an AC sofa that, guess what; can be used in outdoor events as well!

The sofa consumes less electricity as compared to the traditional tower air-conditioners. The man behind this innovative idea, Dashrath Patel, conjured up this piece of genius a few years back. He even received help from the National Institute of Design in the making and fine-tuning of the project.

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“I first thought of installing air-conditioner in a sofa in 2008 and started working on it. But the first sofa I made weighed around 175 kg, which was way too heavy,” Patel said. “Then I heard of ‘Design Clinic Scheme’ of MSME ministry and I approached them. They provided me a designer who modified the design and changed the material, reducing the weight to 35 kgs,” Patel said.

The ministry of micro, small and medium enterprises have been working hand in hand with NID since 2010, to aid those capable of thinking big with small ideas, as said by Kumarpal Parmar, the project executive of the institute.

The AC sofa was made in collaboration with an NID alumnus, Ankit Vyas. He helped Patel in terms of designing the product and making it lighter. The price range for which Patel is releasing the product will be around 1-1.25 lakhs INR in total.

Vyas, the head of a design studio, also said, “It works like a split AC with a unit inside the sofa linked by pipe to an outer unit. The air-flow will come out from the hand-rest part of the sofa. It will simply work like a house AC. You can increase or decrease the temperature with a remote control, and it can also run on fan-mode,” Vyas added.

The earlier model consisted of wood. The hose pipe, along with the other parts of the AC were made of wood which made it heavy. He replaced wood with glass fibre. He used PVC for the pipe, Vyas told.

The product has been mainly designed for hotels and other similar facilities. The common-man will have to shell out for the sofa though.

For hotels installing AC sofas would make more sense than using tower ACs owing to the cost at which it comes and the money that it can help save.

Whatever said and done, this seems to be a pretty smart and innovative invention that could initiate newer and cheaper prototypes that could eliminate the need of bigger ACs completely.


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