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Veg Momos is an India based website brought to you by CodeSpace Media Pvt. Ltd.

Founded in January 2014 as an online entertainment hub, Veg Momos is constantly growing in reach and fanbase.

As of now, Veg Momos is a repository of everything that is amazing, interesting or weird from around the world, though we give special value to stories from our country, India.

We recently started our Video corner where we share a unique collection of the most amazing videos we find on the web, as well as our own.

Veg Momos also runs its very own Publisher Network with about 600 publishers and 1500+ Facebook pages, giving a unique 500 Million+ Facebook reach to our website.

VM Stats

Our next milestone is our very own VM Messenger app for android, as well as our own Social Network where our fans can interact with each other and also earn some money.

How Veg Momos was born

Devesh just dropped out of college, and Vrindavani was unhappy with her apprenticeship in Austria. In the early days of January 2014 they sat together and decided “We ain’t gonna work for anyone, we’ll create something awesome of our own”.

With this in mind, they put together all their funds, bought the domain and started a blog (yes, VM started on blogger) sharing funny and interesting things. If you ask them how they chose the name of Veg Momos, they’ll probably reply “We wanted our brand to be something different, weird, unusual.”


For any inquiry feel free to mail us at [email protected].