OK! So here is the news that needs to be broken right now…Abort all missions and listen to this folks. Maggi license might stand cancelled!!

No more maggi from now on, can you believe my statement? No more those merry making with maggi in those late nights, no maggi when your parents are out and no more maggi’s “khushiyon ki recipe” and all this because the recipe is not what it is said to be.

Maggi license is on the verge of getting cancelled!! Samples have been found containing monosodium glutamate (MSG) and lead in excessive content and still Nestle is not ready to accept the fact that there is something wrong in its recipe of what is (or was?) our childhood love.

It is reported that Lucknow Food Safety and Drug Administration has written to fssai (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) in New Delhi to cancel the license of our beloved two minutes, overly consumed noodles. A sample of this “two minutes noodle” was taken in some districts of Uttar Pradesh and they were found to be adulterated with Monosodium glutamate and lead, with more than the permissible amount. It has also been requested by the administration to take pan-India samples and conduct a test.

maggi license cancelledIn the words of FSDA commissioner, Vijay Bahadur Yadav, “We have tested Maggi samples at Kolkata’s referral laboratory. The test results show that there are added monosodium glutamate and excess of lead. We have ordered further sampling”.

The sample contained 17 parts per million lead, much, much more than the permissible limit which is mere 0.01 part per million.

In response, Nestle spokesperson ascertained that the company itself is surprised with the amount of MSG found out by authorities. He said, “We are surprised with the lead content supposedly found in the sample. We monitor the lead content regularly as part of regulatory requirements, and tests at our own accredited laboratories as well as those by independent external accredited laboratories have consistently shown the results to be well within the permissible limit.” He also gave a theory that the substances may have come up from naturally occurring sources.

maggi license cancelled

What is MSG? Why is it harmful for you?

MSG is usually used as additives in Chinese food, packaged soups, canned veggies, etc. It enhances the taste of food. (Bullshit! I thought it was love of mumma which made it so delicious).

It is usually considered to be safe but still controversy prevails on its use, and for this reason, it is supposed to be written on packaging cover that it has been added, something which Nestle failed to do. Many anecdotal reports has been received about maggi; these symptoms include headache, sweating, facial pressure or tightness, chest pain, nausea and weakness and it is much more harmful for children who are the majority consumers of this 2 minutes noodles.

When FSSAI was contacted by media, they said that they will launch an investigation as soon as they get a detailed report from Uttar Pradesh authority and will surely order a pan-India sampling.

Nestle said that so far it has not been informed of any cancellation of license or ban on product and are damn sure with their product content. Hope all goes well and we are not deprived of having such a wonderful 2 minutes “Khushiyon ki recipe”.


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