Whoever coined the statement: “Monsoon is a time to limit oneself at home” is absolutely at fault. Whether you are a lover of splendid scenic beauty or would like to stay away from the hustle and bustle, this is usually the time when you can re-discover yourself. And for those who mind splurging excessively on trips yet long to visit such places, should try looking for the best monsoon destinations, which you perhaps won’t believe exist in India.

Here is a list of some surprising tourist attractions around our country that will take your breath away if you visit them this monsoon season.

1. Coorg, Karnataka

Coorg, now known as district of Kodagu in official terms, is a destination worth visiting any time of the year irrespective of the season. The reason I added this to the list of the best monsoon destinations is its maximised beauty during this season. Get ready to be surrounded by flourishing green shades of flora at this time of the year.

Adding cherries to this scenic look is the array of flowers blossoming in lovely patterns. Strolling around the valleys in itself is such a treat to the eyes of the beholder. This is a nature lover’s paradise and a peace seeker’s escape to serenity.

Adding to this are the coffee plantations around the place, along with the exotic spices. Misty landscape and wonderful waterfalls are something that you definitely can’t afford to miss.

Coorg in Karnatak: on of the best monsoon destinations

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